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good food good mood

Who agrees? Eating good food puts you in a good mood. And even great when friends or cousins accompany you.

I usually eat alone in a restaurant and I enjoyed that until I realized how big of a difference it makes when you are able to share your food with someone else. Eating alone is not bad but however, it is not good for your health because ‘eating alone’ I think is a sign of loneliness and opens door for more mental traumas.

You must eat with your family, friends, or cousins often so that whatever food you eat, there occurs a sense of gratitude for the food and provides you with much more nutrients than eating alone. You can feel the happiness and energy after you are done.

It is okay to eat alone, but now I prefer more of accompany when I eat outside. Thank you, I would love to eat with you one day for sure! Thank you!

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