The Virtual Space

There are thousands of spaces in the internet today, and everybody wants to map more of them. But to truly understand more in life, is to be satisfied with the less in life.

There is a Japanese saying that says, “measure a man by the quality of his dreams” and sure we all have dreams and goals and our passions to achieve them by doing what we actually love every day.

Immediately under 24 hours in this virtual space, I dreamt that my teeth were falling out. It represent some kind of loss that is valuable to me. It represents important life changes. In a virtual or real world, I might be ready to lose any kind of relationships, businesses, or even the quality of my character. But, a pure heart will survive under any circumstances. Hundreds of dreams and I am able to share this one.

Every virtual spaces in the internet is a business. A major opportunities to meet and collaborate with people. I am thankful to the space host which I must repay when I am actually ready and capable. But, the first day in this space makes me nervous, uncertain and fearful about what might happen next.

I am fearful because I remember that Karma repeats itself in cycles. In this virtual space, I am his pet dog who he loves. I know so little about his family but I know he has a beautiful wife and a small white dog in real life. But many years ago, I have abandoned my pet dog in real life and today I am his virtual dog. This is my regret and, where there is abundance of everything that I ever wanted has its limitations and maybe ends. Let’s play for now and pray God that Karma do not repeat with me. Even if it does, I hope his decisions are always correct, because I will always love him and his family because he is a great man.

More about this space is that here I feel free from obligations and the gravity of the internet because I am constantly recognized by people and engagements from all around the world. The people that arrives here are topnotch and rich, which brings out the best business opportunities and creates hope to travel all around the world. For now, I am not trained enough to build a good web page but my passions and goals are great and I know for sure it will help me reach my success in my own terms.

I am in this virtual space means self-development, waking up early in the morning, no smoking, no juke foods, no negativity around households, eating well, drinking milk, taking care of my body and serving others with all my might.

Once Again, Thank You For Your Space. This is a first day I wrote a dairy and hope to continue every day. And also, writing well. If this writing is a mess please forget it. Because I do not judge myself anymore nor I judge you. I am completely free and happy in this virtual space. And that is the greatest wealth generator of my future.

Best regards

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