Day 2: The Virtual Room

Day second, I went out of the virtual home to explore more business opportunities for myself so that I can live financially free and travel around the real world. These virtual rooms feels like traveling virtually around the world with experiencing new cultures and people around the world, which makes me feel like I am traveling to places virtually that makes me happy and satisfied. I would have never left my virtual space if it wasn’t for my goals which is to live a fulfilling life in a mountain areas covered with forest, with a beautiful wife and two horses, after earned enough money to live life happily ever after. It requires me to venture around the big city areas where people are rich and collaborate with them to reach similar level of success like them and to finally move on to live life peacefully away from city noises.

I have met extraordinary people around the world through virtual spaces and I cannot wait for them to read what I have written. There is a girl that sings beautiful songs in her virtual space but she is a blind girl and she is very vulnerable and honest to her words than other virtual room creators. So, I pay extra attention to her words so that she feels loved and heard.

People come into these virtual spaces to eliminate their anxieties and depressions but I know that the more time they spent in the virtual world, the more it will degrade their real life experiences. The truest people are never or barely online or has their own personal image either on a personal website or some sort of achievement in their lifetime. Thus, I think that it is nearly impossible to teach some one anything through virtual spaces unless they improve themselves in their real life which will serve as an example for others to improve their own life.

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