I can no longer keep up with the ideas about my virtual spaces

I have not moved away from the music virtual space, but I just cannot keep up with it in my writings.

But, every day I am consistently in these virtual spaces for temporary happiness. But staying still in just one virtual space allows my mind to be more calm and quiet. Otherwise these many virtual spaces and people will fill my head with their ideas which I do not want to entertain.

Today, in my country, in real life people celebrate Dewali or also called Tihar. But I simply don’t get it and it might sound unappealing to you that I hate this festival because people light crackers and loud bangs for celebrations. Because these loud bangs have made my life difficult. It is getting colder and it means our body is giving up to the chill winter season. We are vulnerable during this time and on top of that random people in the street fires up crackers and loud bangs for fun. I would really appreciate it if they did bang bang bangs during the start of the summer or springs. Like in 4th of July or something when our mind and body are fresh and heated up with warm and hot season.

Come on you guys. Please help yourself and upgrade the community by making some good sense to your knowledge. It is getting colder and don’t surprise us with more bang bang bangs. Especially elders people are more disturbed and it might seriously effect their mental health and longevity.

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