If there is one thing that drives me crazy is settling for nothing

And exactly it happens. I have no choices but to quit all of my social media usage to focus on my learning and growth. It helps to eliminate distractions and feel less judgmental about myself when I don’t use any.

But I am forced to attain a college education that have zero values and it feels completely utterly useless. In fact I abhor Nepali culture, it’s people, and anyone under it. Because even people with high social status are illiterate. Or I haven’t yet met someone that shows me my opinion is wrong before it is too late.

I have tremendous opportunity for greater goods even without college education thanks to expanding social media’s but without usage of social media is changing my career direction drastically. I’m experiencing my life more joyfully and I only use electronic devices to learn everything the world has to give. Let it be new languages, workouts, music sheets, or even cooking lessons. All I do is learn anything that I have to that increase my survival rate because surviving itself is a success. And we are social animals, it will be useful to learn some survival skills like cooking, working, and other stuffs that make you happy. We really tend to forget little things that gives tremendous joy in our life.

But not any single colleges or teachers I know teach it in class. “It’s there on YouTube” they say at most. And most of them are not even aware that there is bigger problems they need to deal with. Well, then what am I paying them for? I just wish I can get rid of them, every single one and begin a life with new people, a completely new culture and enjoy my life till the end.

No matter how unmotivated I get, I won’t settle down with pricks like all Nepali people. And I am consistently trying not to be like one. I am somewhere in between. Not all here or not all there. I am a modern philosopher.


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