A Virtual Space of Meditation and Music

With human inventions like internet and its applications, we are now connected around the world and our thoughts and actions definitely effect the living beings around the universe. I firmly believe that people in earth do not have individual superpowers, but they like to entertain those ideas and sometimes there are chances people might act irrationally or be evil. Our inner voices are the projection of ourselves and you are in charge to make it better.

If you can be anything in a virtual space of internet and its applications, choose to be kind and never get tired of it.

This is an introduction to the journey of a virtual space where I feel home. I live happy here and immediately feel safe and peaceful when I am in this virtual audio space or the virtual audio room where I get discovered by virtual people around me that I can trust and rely upon. And the best part is, there is always music playing like I am inside this place called heaven where nothing can do harm and everyone is invited. Find your space and welcome everybody.

I developed the page named “A Virtual Space for Meditation and Music” to record my day-to-day dairy which will be posted in the main page of http://www.philosophyhomes.com. However, the real name of this virtual space is a secret but you can easily find it if you dig in it. But, for now, I will try to inspire you and your life with the daily dairy or a daily blog about my true experiences and beautiful moments about this virtual space.

Thank you a millions of times for the space. I cannot repay you more about what this space means to me. Because it represents my personal life, businesses, inner thoughts, emotions, motivations, and beyond.

Please go through the daily blogs at your own time if you may, because all the future works and writings I do will be for my own personal growth and business opportunities. And surely, I will assure you that I will try to inspire you along the way to also help you achieve the similar level of success and wealth and mindset. It might is a slow process so have faith and patience. Thank you!